A Worldwide Initiative of Generous, Charitable, Selfless Giving… through Church of God Youth and Children

The purpose of the “Give Back” initiative is to provide opportunity and inspiration for students and children to discover the joy in serving by enthusiastically and selflessly sharing and showing the love of Christ by “Giving Back” to their church, neighborhood, and community.

What is give back?

In a world that is always taking, “Give Back” is a specific opportunity for students and children to go “counter-culture” by generously working, serving, sharing, and helping others!

“Give Back” is:

  • An opportunity to bless others
  • An occasion to bring help, hope, and encouragement to those in your community
  • An opening to say “Thanks” by Giving Back to those who have given much to you

Who can help?

  • Youth Groups and Youth Ministries
  • Children’s Ministries, Girls and Boys Ministries
  • Individual Young Adults, Students, and Kids
  • Local Churches, Teams, Clubs, Sunday School Classes or Small Groups

When can we start?

The entire month of May will officially be designated by International Youth and Discipleship as the season to “Give Back.”  You may pick any Saturday that works best for you and your group (even outside of May.)  Just set a day, get a plan, and start serving and giving!

Tell the world how you gave!  Fill out the Give Back report form or send us an email letting us know what you have done to “Give Back”

Fill out my the Give Back report form.

Let your State / Regional Youth & Discipleship Director know how you have gave back.

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