RSOLs were created with students’ specific goals and needs in mind. They are a new wave of raising up spiritual sons and daughters to impact the world. RSOLs seek to equip young adults who have a calling into ministry and are looking for experience and guidance. At the heart of this effort is the premise that Jesus is the hope of the world, and the local Church should be central in the effort to train up the next generation of leaders to take the Gospel to the world.

It is our stated objective to help expand RSOLs in strategic regions in order to help raise up leaders. Once a RSOL is established in a region, we do not desire to launch other schools of leadership in the same region. Each RSOL can network with other Churches that have similar desires in their region. Most RSOLs are structured to be part-time, where students spend 8-12 hours a week in a variety of ministry roles, being mentored and discipled by inspirational pastors and leaders. Some RSOL’s are also structuring for full-time students. The goal for the students is that they are able to have a stronger relationship with Jesus and be able to understand their calling better so they will be equipped to handle their life in ministry.

Partnership with Lee University:

The academic component is a hybrid structure that Lee University President, Dr. Paul Conn, and Vice-President, Dr. Mark Walker, created utilizing Lee’s online ministry degree platform as well as select course offerings through the Church of God Department of Education’s School of Ministry that converts to Lee University credit. Students that take the full load of academics are eligible to apply for Pell Grants and Stafford Loans. The Church of God Executive Committee has granted RSOL’s an equivalency agreement where the ministry training students receive helps advance them toward their Ministry Credentials.

Current Locations