The ministry of Casa Hogar Alfa y Omega has been operating for over 15 years. What began as a ministry to touch kids who were living under a bridge, near the center of the town, has developed into ministry of compassion, reaching out to the city of Poza Rica, in the state of Vera Cruz, Mexico. Under the guidance of Elias and Teresa Herrera, who have been given the mandate by God, the orphanage has seen tremendous progress over the last ten years.

Beginning in the Sunday school classrooms of the church where Pastor Elias served as pastor, property was purchased with funds raised by single adults in the Church of God under the direction of John Vining. That property has been developed into a beautiful campus on the side of a mountain. First came a dormitory in which all children were housed. Then, a home was built for the director and his family. Following this, a dormitory was built for the girls, leaving the original dorm to serve the boys. As the ministry continued to grow, the need to prepare for the education of the children was exposed.

Many of the children have had special problems, suffering mental, physical, and sexual abuse. This has resulted in very limited educational opportunities for them. A two story Christian school to service the children at the orphanage was built, with a prayer tower on the top of the building. Nearly 70 children live at the orphanage now. The Church of God has a lot to be proud of! Thanks to the sacrifice of many folks by giving of funds, time, energy, and labor, there has been significant progress! The ministry is recognized in the community as a valid resource for needy children. How do they survive financially? They walk by faith, dependent upon the Lord for daily provision. The monthly sponsorship program provides a limited amount of income. Businesses in the area provide tortillas and food. God has honored their faith!

Children’s ministry leaders, under the auspices of the Church of God Department of Youth and Christian Education have accepted the call to help, by giving and going, showing their love. Three times per year, teams of children, youth, and adults travel to the orphanage to work and minister.
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